The trip to New York (city and state) awards!

It’s time for the trip to New York (city and state) awards! Nominations are being taken in the following categories:

1. Best site.

2. Best presenter.

3. Most interesting historical fact.

4. Craziest teacher.

5. Best meal.

Or any other category you feel like creating! Do your nominating in the comments below.


12 responses to “The trip to New York (city and state) awards!

  1. 1. I think the best site was the Erie Canal, it was relaxing and very interesting getting to look at what exactly the channel locks do.
    2. Ed O’Donnell was the best presenter, he was very funny, and full of information. EY was a close second.
    3. The most interesting historical fact was that Seward was an abolitionist and supported the underground railroad.
    4. Craziest teacher? On what day!
    5. Best meal had to be at the CIA – it was a real treat to have a five star meal and to learn about the food that was prepared prior to eating it.

  2. 1. Best site – Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island
    2. Best Presenter – EY or Ed O’Donnell were both really good
    3. Most interesting historical fact – I don’t know if it is historically significant but it is interesting and news to me that FDR was such a lady’s man.
    4. Craziest teacher – Hands down Jim Hughto
    5. Best meal – Salty’s
    6. Most fun thing I did after hours – Saw 2 Broadway shows

  3. paulzschokke

    Best site- Brooklyn Bridge
    Best presenter- Ken Jackson
    Most interesting historical fact- African Burial Ground
    Craziest Teacher- Commodore Hutch
    Best meal- roast duck at Mesa Grill
    Most fun after hours- McSorley’s, quoting the waiter: “I need dat f***in’ chair!”

  4. 1. Best site- Brooklyn Bridge/ Sagamore Hills
    2. Best Presenter- Ken Jackson
    3. Most interesting historical fact- the battle between NY and NJ for Ellis Island
    4. Craziest Teacher- Hutch
    5. Best meal- Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill- steak
    Best dessert- Key Lime Tart at Bathazar’s
    Best beer- McSorley’s
    Best dining experience- Primorski’s
    Best Italian- Pappardeli’s
    Best pizza- Lombardi’s
    Best breakfast- La Bagels
    Best service- Salty’s
    Best meal upstate- Salty’s
    Best waiter- Irish guy at McSorley’s
    Best lunch- Katz’s Deli
    Best cheesecake- Bathazar’s
    Best bread- CIA
    Best restaurant school- CIA
    Best culinary tour- CIA
    6. Most fun thing- Dinner at Primorskis with Cody, Hutch, Dave, Matt, Paul, and Jonathan- the genius

  5. crystalcampbell

    1. Best site: I have to say that Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty were the best sites. However, I had so much fun at every place that we went on this trip! It was fantastic!!

    2. Best presenter: I think my favorite was E.Y. because she was so animated and loved what she was teaching.

    3. Most interesting historical fact: There were a lot of interesting facts so it is hard to pick just one. I thought it was interesting that Theodore Roosevelt’s family had a badger for a pet, that Ellis Island had the best hospital of it’s time, and that New York City was known as the Big Onion at one time.

    4. Craziest teacher: I believe the craziest teacher was Jim Hughto. He had some really long pauses between his ideas and his outfit was crazy all by itself!

    5. Best meal: Salty’s! It was awsome. Huge but delicious.

  6. 1. Site – Ellis Island

    2. Presenter – Ed O’Donnell without a doubt, but boy did we have a bunch of stinkos this year!

    3. Fact – Not so much a fact, but actually visualizing the space limitations in a tenement blew my mind.

    4. Craziest – Let’s face it, nobody really busted it out this year (must be the good influences of all those new girlfriends and fiances). But, seriously, Scott NEVER fails to crack me up!!

    5. Best meal: Salty’s

    Best after-hours: Broadway Show

    Best/Most Dangerous Jewelry Counter: Met

    Favorite Neighborhood/borough: Chinatown

    Best Book Purchase: Triangle: The Fire That Changed America

    Gift Shop Where I did the most damage: Baseball Hall of Fame

    Best nonhistorical aspect of trip: reconnecting with friends who put up with me for two weeks!!

  7. Sheila Sloan

    1. Best site- Tie: Brooklyn Bridge, Sagamore Hill

    2. Best presenter-Ed O’Donnell

    3. Most interesting historical fact-The Erie Canal dropped cost of transporting goods 90-95%

    4. Favorite Neighborhood-Brooklyn.

    5. Best meal. Eating outside at the Caffee Buon Gusto-Brooklyn

    6. Best Bookstore-Tenement Museum

    7. Best Locations from Books we Read-Brooklyn Bridge and McSorley’s

    8.Best Surprise-Rooftop Cafe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art-Treehouse constructed of bamboo and fantastic views of Central Park and the City

    9. Off the Beaten Path-Hardhat tour of Ellis Island

    10. Best Pizza/Godfather Experience-Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge

  8. Sherri Ward

    Best site.
    1. Best site – Wow! There were soo many. A few that stick out in my mind the most were the Seward House, Teddy Roosevelt’s grave and seeing Saratoga and the monument erected in memory of Benedict Arnold.

    2. Best presenter- Ed O’Donnell walked us all over New York City and what a great way to see and get a feel of the city.

    3. Most interesting historical fact – William Seward harbored slaves in his basement.

    4. Craziest teacher – Connie Prewitt and her 2:00 a.m., escapades to the Empire State Building.

    5. Best meal – Wow, this is a toughie, I’m thinking cheesecake at Times Square was pretty yummy!

  9. Sherri Ward

    6. Off the beaten path was Oyster Bay at the Roosevelt home.

    7. Cool thing to do – Ride the Staten Island Ferry

  10. 1. Best site: tie between Ellis Island’s behind the scenes tour and the Tenement Museum

    2. Best presenter: tie between E.Y. and Ed O’Donnell. Both were very knowledgeable and great presenters.

    3. Most interesting historical fact: the room with the best view at the Ellis Island hospital was for the patients who were terminal. They were able to see the icon of their hopes and dreams as they moved on.

    4. Craziest teacher.

    5. Best meal – Salty’s was the best meal. Dinner at my friend’s apartment second best, because it was the only home cooked meal I had in two weeks!

    6. Most relaxing – Sagamore Hill and the boat ride on the Eire Canal

    7. Best part of trip? Sharing all of these experiences with so many wonderful people!

  11. Best site – Ellis Island and Sagamore Hill

    Best Presenter – EY and ED

    Most interesting fact – FDR did not own Springwood, his mother did

    Best meal – Salty’s

    Best meal experience – Primorski’s

    Ditto Karin’s #6 and #7

    Best WOW moment – First night walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Wendy and Hutch

    Best sardine mement – the subway following the Yankee game

    Best cultural moments – Phantom of the Opera on Broadway with Eloyda and Dolores and the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  12. Make that sardine moment. Where did the edit button go?

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