Blogging from the bus.

Which of the stops on today’s whirlwind tour was your favorite and why?

PS Buses with wifi are really quite amazing.


12 responses to “Blogging from the bus.

  1. paulzschokke

    I enjoyed the Seward Home. Our guide did a good job on the Alaska and Civil War rooms, and the decor reminded me of the house my parents were living in. Same period, not as opulent. The bath tub was exactly like my parents’ home.

  2. The Seward Home was my favorite thus far (haven’t hit the canal yet) for the simple reason that there were things to see there: the ornate architecture of the Victorian Age, the mementos of Seward’s career, etc.

  3. I liked the Seward House the best. I really liked the way our tourguide came alive when she told stories of Seward and the Alaska Purchase and when Seward was attacked byPowell and almost killed.

  4. michael patterson

    My favorite tour was the Erie Canal. It was amazing how they constructed the canal and using the lock was awesome. My mom is also from Rochester so some history is always neat to view.

  5. I agree with Michael, the canal. It was amazing to watch the lock system in action. I was shocked at how quickly it worked. Besides after all of the togetherness and cityness it felt so good to get some semi-fresh air.

  6. John Hutchins

    The most informative stop was the Steward House. The stop I had the most fun was the Erie Canal with actual demostration of how it worked. And I was dissapointed that Seneca Falls didn’t live up to my expectation.

  7. David Hazlett

    I agree with Hutch. I liked the Seward House for its pure history and the atmosphere – it was all authentic Seward stuff. The canal was fun, especially getting to travel through the locks. I, like Marie, was amazed at how quickly it worked.

  8. Eloyda Vallejos

    The canal was my favorite. Seeing how the lock system worked was very cool. It was great being outside and our guide was great. I also liked the Women’s Rights National Park. I thought it was interesting how the garments that the women wore messed up their ribs cages so badly. I also liked reading through the declaration of sentinments and how the different issues have changed from before, right after and present day.

  9. Erie Canal was by the far the most interesting, peaceful and fun. I did enjoy the REAL furnishings at Seward’s home. It is refreshing to know the items you are seeing are not just replicas. I do have to say however, the shortest tour of a museum I have ever been on was at Harriet Tubman’s house. I clocked it 45 seconds to see it.

  10. crystalcampbell

    I have to agree that the Seward house was the most facinating with all of it’s authentic artifacts. I also enjoyed the canal and how the lock system works. You can tell many of us live in a desert state because we were so facinated by how it worked!

  11. history591eight

    I’m goin’ with the Seward/Canal vote. The Seward House was amazing and I’m so glad they were “hoarders”!! The pictures in the upstairs gallery were amazing! The canal was an incredible demonstration of what this country created long before mechanization.

  12. history591eighteen

    It is a toss up between the William Seward house and the cruise on the Erie Canal. Both were very enjoyable.

    Seward House – It was nice to finally visit a historical site that had actual artifacts used by the family, left in the house by the family; not replicas or things they convinced descendants to return. I was disappointed that we couldn’t see the room used with the Underground Railroad.

    Erie Canal – I enjoyed seeing how the locks opened and were filled or drained. Moving in to the first lock it was a little eerie. I half expected the gate to break, water to come rushing in and topple the boat. But things worked as expected and it was a very unique site.

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