Tenement Resources.

As I promised the cool group (my fellow CG’ers know who you are), here are some online resources from the Tenement museum:

Lesson plans.

The Tenement Museum’s flickr stream.

There’s a lot of pictures in the stream that you don’t care about, but there are also the pictures of inside the building that you were all just dying to take if you look hard enough.


5 responses to “Tenement Resources.

  1. Thank you. And even though I’m the farthest thing from cool that could ever exist I was DYING to take pictures.

  2. Everyone would be a great New Yorker. You just have to find your niche. It is all there. Finding it is the key. If it is not in New York then you don’t need it or even want it. Can you tell I love New York. Now I choose to live in big sky country.

  3. Jonathan Rees

    I hate to be technical Darlene, but the Big Sky Country is Montana.

  4. history591eight

    A big thank you from 1 humble member of the CG group! This is awesome!

  5. Thank you from a devoted member of the CG’ers! It was the best tour yet!!!! The pics are great!

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