A note from E.Y.

Hello friends!

Reading your blogs, I am tempted to cut school and tag along with all of you on your wonderful adventures. I am particularly taken by your descriptions of the African Burial Ground and agree with your determination of it as an important New York City site. I am also reminded of the many great ‘lessons’ we encounter in places we least expect. I am sure by now you all agree that New York City sidewalks are indeed museums onto themselves!

I do, though, need to stop reading your blogs before lunchtime. My co-workers can’t understand why I keep suggesting borsht for lunch.

One point of (self) correction regarding the WPA and the Museum. The Museum’s president during this time hired seventy five employees through the Federal Arts Project (as opposed to 75%). Also, just to clarify the Museum’s dates, we were originally housed in Gracie Mansion in 1923 and opened our doors to our current spot in 1932.

What stands out- and what you picked up on- is that this is a neat and important footnote to the Museum’s relationship with the city and I am so pleased so many of you were taken by this tidbit.

Hope to see you all at Museum Mile!



Anybody go to the Museum Mile? What was it like?


2 responses to “A note from E.Y.

  1. Hey Colorado Adventurers!
    I hope all continues to go well on your tour of the Northeast. I really enjoyed our three days together and now that I’m home (until Monday when I head for So. Dakota for more TAH) I’ve had a chance to read through a lot of your blogs. Great stuff! I know it might seem like a chore at times but the blogging requirement provides a great opportunity to reflect on what you’re experiencing and how it connects with your classroom and your uinderstanding of US history, politics, culture, etc. The TAH group I led around the Lower East Side on Friday had no note-taking or blogging requirements at all and I wondered the whole time just how much of the expereince they’d remember. So keep up the good work!
    Feel free to email with follow-up questions. And send any photos you think I might enjoy.
    All best,

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