Stray notes on a Sunday morning.

* Inside McSorley’s (courtesy of Mark):

Alas, it was much too crowded for me to read most of the walls.

* If you can’t get enough of that real Italian food, click here.

* While there is only one from the Roosevelt-related sites we saw on Thursday [Remember Thursday? It seems like a million years ago now], I wanted to note that the National Park Service has a ton of lesson plans online dealing with many of its other historic sites.

* This is where I’m going for dinner tonight:

“The biggest mistake one can make upon exiting the B at the last stop, inhaling undertow-flavored air and narrowly passing a man in a fake Gucci shirt and a rabbit hat hawking caviar from a foldable outdoor table, is to assume that you’re seeing a passable facsimile of Russia. Brighton Beach is far more interesting. What you’re actually getting is a kind of double-blind guess— a Jewish immigrant’s idea of what an American’s idea of Russia may be. And that’s what makes it arguably the most fascinating ethnic enclave in New York: It looks just as exotic to the ethnicity it enclaves.”


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