The “master” needs a blogging lesson.

So who wants to explain to me how to use the “gallery” function?


3 responses to “The “master” needs a blogging lesson.

  1. do you mean for uploading or inserting pictures?
    If so, then Ihave to tell you it took me two days to figure it out, and it was totally by accident.
    If you’ve already uploaded the picture or whatever. Then you go to the media and (I think it is called list URL) then you post the URL and insert into your post and it should work.
    I hope this makes sense, like I said I did accidentally. Mine was a word doc with pictures so it didn’t imbed it in my blog like I wanted it attached it and so on. Well, good luck!

  2. Okay “Master”…so when you insert/upload the pics…if you don’t click on Insert into post and just click save changes at the bottom. It creates the gallery for you. Hope this helps…

  3. Jonathan Rees

    In case anybody missed it, having “master” in quotation marks was a sign that I was being ironic.

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