Nominations for the “Trip to Chicago” awards.

Here are the categories:

1. Best historic site.

2. Best presenter.

3. Best restaurant.

4. Best blog post.

Nominations for any or all of the above categories can be made by any trip participant in the comments below. All you need to do is explain why you think your nominee is deserving.


15 responses to “Nominations for the “Trip to Chicago” awards.

  1. Best Presenter is a tough one….so I have to go with my top three.
    1) Dr. Adelman was extremely knowledgeable about the history of Chicago and the Labor movement. He was an awesome tour guide and the previous work he has created was still valid and was well done.
    2) Dr. Schultz had a great presentation style and was extremely well versed in history, and made learning about the Progressives and Populists movements easier to understand.
    3)Dr. Sarah Marcus had a great deal of passion for Chicago and the history of this city.

  2. 1. Hull House was the best historic site even if it was raining.
    2. All the presenters were enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable but Dr. Marcus was the best.
    3. Best restaurant was the Great Dane for their great salad.
    4. The best posts that I read were Sherry’s DBQ and walking tour or Donna’s Madison, WI

  3. Delphine Grayson

    1. Best historic site. Wisconsin State Museum and Archives because of the variety, the setup, and information; however, the Oriental Institute had amazing artifacts 🙂 as well as buildings themselves

    2. Best presenter. Dr. Sarah Marcus–gave a good presentation because of the information and resources that are available to teachers to access anytime.

    3. Best restaurant was the Great Dane for the atmosphere and food.

  4. paulzschokke

    1. Best site- Hull house for bringing elements of the Hull house experience alive with current activities.
    2. Best presenter without a doubt was Stan Schultz. Easily boiling down the elements of the progresssive era, while using execclent storytelling techniques to enhance the presentation. Jonathan was correct- he can work a crowd!
    3. Best restaurant- If we are talking of restaurants we all enjoyed, I must say The Great Dane for atmosphere and sauerkraut that I actually liked. I was consuming a lot of nostalgia at the Lithuanian place, but after reflection must go with The Great Dane. If we are mentioning all restaurants, I must say Carmine’s, the food was first rate.
    4. Best post- This is a tough one. I read many great ones, and of course, was not able to read them all. I think I’ll go with Cody’ s Wisconsin post for a passionate review of current immigration issues, as well as a great discussion of bringing Progressive Era issuess to third grade. I also enjoyed Dave’s Art Museum post.

  5. history591nineteen

    1. Best historic site would have to be Hull House, from the actual house, to the urban farm, to the meal they served.

    2. Best presenter would overwhelmingly have to be Stan Schultz. He was so knowledgeable on the Progressive Movement, so animated, and I can’t remember if he used his notes EVER!

    3. The best restaurant would have to be……a tie for me between the Great Dane and a place called Mia Francesca that several of us went to. It was authentic Italian food and the atmosphere was the best!

    4. Best post? I might have to get back to you on that one. There were several that I really enjoyed reading, so I’ll wait til I’ve read some more to make that decision.

  6. 1. The best historical site we visited for me has to Lincolns. The museum was great and gave me view points on his whole life that I did not know. The house had wonderful actual artifacts which were very inspirational, the tomb was a solemn experience and very moving.
    2. The best speaker was Mr. Adelman. I learned so much about the entire community as a whole than in any of the other classes combined. Everyone was great, but he had a knack for pulling it all together.
    3. My favorite restaurant was Girdano’s pizza. It was by far the best ever! Panera Breads has some remarkable breads as well.
    4. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite, I have learned from everyone’s bloggs and no one in particular is standing out.

  7. Chris Jones

    1. I too enjoyed the Lincoln Museum. It was great to walk through Lincoln’s life that way; from boyhood to his death. The images were so detailed that you felt you knew what they were experiencing. It made me wish Lincoln had lived longer.
    2. The best speaker was Sarah Marcus in my opinion. She was expressive; you could tell she loved speaking about Chicago. She pointed out the good and the bad, she used visuals, and she asked questions to keep us motivated in what she had to say.
    3. Giordano’s – their pizza was better than Gino’s!
    4. I really enjoyed Dave’s blogg on DBQs – but there were many others I enjoyed reading as well.

  8. 1. Best Site- Lincoln Museum
    2. Best Presenter- Chip Brady
    3. Restaurant- Carmines
    4. Paul’s Frank Lloyd Wright Post

  9. FYI: check you credit card receipts. Someone stole my creidt card number while we were in Chicago. I think we have it narrowed down to the store that did it, but I thought you should all be aware that it happened so you can be sure to check your statements. They tried to book a flight on my credit card. At least it was caught and not allowed to go through!

  10. !. Best Site: Chicago History Muesum, Our presenter, Sarah Marcus did a fantastic job explaining the historical significance of Chicago, keep us engaged, and gave us oportunties to work hands on with primary source documents. Oh yea, the muesum was GREAT!!!
    2. Best Presenter: Chip Brady & the DBQ’s, great speaker, great presentation, great materials, & great ideas for my classroom!!!!!
    3. Best Restaurant: Ditka’s, I know this is a dark horse choise because nobody went there except the 4 Chicago Amigos but it is the BEST STEAKS in Chicago, the atmosphere is terrific, and it is a Chicago Icon!!!
    4. Best Blog: Other than my Lesson-plan-ideas-at-the-chicago-history-museum

    I guess I would go with: Mark Sims’ I-dont-want-to-turn-this-into-a-shouting-blog session

  11. Darlene Derbigny

    1. Best site: Hull House was one of my top picks because the information just continued to reveal itself like the layers on an onion. When I read Jane Addams’ papers and letters in the archives it was like reaching the mountaintop. Everything just came together perfectly.
    2. Best presenter: This is difficult. They were all top notch. I liked the enthusiasm of Ms. Lee as well as her depth of knowledge.
    3. Best restaurant: Greek Islands, located in Greek Town is my pick. The building was colorful, the ambiance happy, the service unending, and the food, oh my–simply delicious, delectable, and delightful. I had fresh grilled pita served with 3 dips–feta, fish eggs, eggplant. I am getting hungry just writing about it. My entre was vegetarian mousaka. Magnifique!
    4. Best blog: I cannot pick a favorite. I enjoy hearing all the ideas. I like Cody’s.

  12. Paula Quinn

    Best historic site has to be a combination of the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Lincoln’s home. I could picture Lincoln stretched out on the long black sofa, reading a book in front of the fire.
    Best presenter: Loved the DBQ/mini Q presentation by Chip Brady and the enthusiasm and humor of Dr. Stan Schulz
    Best restaurant: Like the beer and the atmosphere at the Great Dane. I could have spent a few hours there, just relaxing on the patio.
    Best blog: Dave Hazelett

  13. Howard Mestas

    Best Historical site: That would be New Salem and seeing where our greatest president spent his formative years. We went at a good time of day which meant most of the visitors were gone and we had the presenters to ourselves and could ask all the questions we wanted.

    Best presenter: Sarah Marshall, who I could hear talk all day long….something I never in a thousand years thought I could say about any woman, including my wife.

    Best restaurant: The Great Dane. This was an easy choice.

    Best Blog: There were so many, and I have respect for anyone who would dedicate their lives to becoming teachers. I couldn’t possible make a choice on this one.

  14. Melissa Davis

    1. Best historic site – Abraham Lincoln Museum – I agree with Chris…I liked how you to go see his progression from a boy to the man he became to death. I also liked all of the interactive pictures in the Civil War room. The figures were so incredible and real-life looking.

    2. Best presenter – Dr. Adelman – He was so knowledgable about all of Chicago. He had stories for everything.

    3. Best restaurant – The Great Dane – Great atmosphere and the food was awesome.

    4. Best blog post – I was going to plead the 5th on this one, because there were so many good ones. But the one that made me laugh the most was Mark Sims’ I don’t want to turn this into a screaming match.

  15. crystalcampbell

    Best site-lincoln house

    Best presenter-we had a few very good ones. I really liked Sarah Marshall.

    Best restaurant-Great Dane and Giadano’s

    Best Blog-I saw many that I liked.

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