Food resources.

I had nothing to do with the lesson on food at Hull House today. Really, it came as a surprise – albeit a happy one. That said, here are a couple of resources for you. First, a 60 minutes interview with Alice Waters that actually made my wife cry she was so happy to see such things said on TV:

A short article called “Can a Turkey Be a Historical Artifact?” by a really great historian who blogs often at a Chicago Panera.


3 responses to “Food resources.

  1. Have you ever eaten a Narragansett Turkey? Where would I find one?

  2. Since I teach economics and history, I love the connection between free enterprise and the Narragansett Turkey in your article. I think just about anything can become a historical artifact. Did you see the piece of toast at the Wisconsin History Museum.

    About finding a Narragansett Turkey-Try Whole Foods in Colorado Springs. If they don’t have one they can order one.

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