This one’s for you, Sarah.


5 responses to “This one’s for you, Sarah.

  1. darlenederbigny

    who is lemo1. I received a comment from lemo1, but I don’t know who it is.

  2. Jonathan Rees

    I believe it’s Ray LeMasters. However, since this is the Internet people in China surfing in their pajamas could leave comments on your blog if they are so inclined.

  3. darlenederbigny

    The day we return from Madison would be a wonderful day to not have to blog since it will be so late. Is that in any way possible?

  4. Jonathan Rees


    You are required to do one blog post for each day of the trip. there is no requirement that that blog post has to appear by midnight on the day itself.

  5. Thank you! I love this one. Although I hate to admit this to such a dedicated group of teachers, but just like Steve Goodman I was known to “forsake my teachers and go sit in the bleachers.” (Alright, I only did it twice, but those were memorable moments!)

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