More details for Wednedsay.

We meet Alex and his ex-Obama bus at 8:15AM in front of the dorm. From there we go to a 9AM tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio in Oak Park, IL (a Chicago suburb) which will end at 1030AM. Chances are we will arrive at the Museum of Science and Industry around 11AM. Our show (honestly, I don’t even understand what kind of show it is) starts at 1:30PM. That gives you two and a half hours to eat and play on the South Side.

Here are some suggestions to fill the time. [Hit “View Larger Map” to get the directions from the museum to the other site as my Google Map embedding skills are less than perfect. All of them are around the University of Chicago, away from the lake to the west of the museum.]

1) Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House:

2) The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago:

View Larger Map

3) The Chicago Theological Seminary Co-op Bookstore [Really! It’s better than it sounds.]:

View Larger Map

After the museum presentation is done at 1:30PM, you are free to wander around the largest science museum in North America or go back to any of the above sites you missed. Before we see the show, we’ll agree on an afternoon time and place for Alex to pick up anyone who wants to go back to the dorm. However, at least a few of us (including Matt, Scott and I) won’t be on that ride as we’ll be going to Comiskey Park to see the White Sox, which starts at 7:11PM.


One response to “More details for Wednedsay.

  1. Delphine Grayson

    The Chicago Art Institute is open to the public for free on Thursday and Friday in June from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM–the Student Rec Room had this on the calendar and the RA said this was valid.
    Also noted that shipping boxes were for sale at the Student Center on the second floor from 8 AM to 5 PM, Mon-Fri. They also ship out during this time.

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