The “L.”

On Monday and Tuesday, we will be taking the “L,” which is short for “elevated,” (you’d probably call it a subway except it’s mostly above ground) from our dorm to the Chicago History Museum.  Last night, Chicago native Cody Festerling and I worked out the logistics.  Basically, you’ll walk one block south from the dorms on State Street to the Harrison stop, which is on the Red Line.  You don’t even have to change trains!  You’ll take the train north to the Clark and Division stop.  Get out and go up the stairs and walk a short distance east (towards the lake) on Division. The museum is on the corner near there and you can’t miss it.

Don’t worry.  We’ll be doing it together, but I wanted to be sure everybody knows the stops in case we get separated.  We worked out the system for subway trips last year.  Walk from the dorm together.  Headcount before we go down.  Everyone buys their ticket individually (it will be about $2) and puts it on their expense account.  Travel separately (since there’s no way we can all get the same car during rush hour).  Head count when we come up?  Does that sound OK, or do we have to use a buddy system again?

PS  The museum opens at 9:15AM, so lets try assembling at 8:30AM on Monday and Tuesday morning for the trip over.


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