Lincoln the writer

My post tonight is very simple: A. Lincoln had a greater command of the English language than any president we’ve ever had. He could write prose that sings. The Second Inaugural Address, the Cooper Union Speech, and the Gettysburg Address—all documents we read today in the Museum–prove this. What if Jefferson Davis had some of Lincoln’s rhetorical abilities? What if he could use imagery and metaphor the way Lincoln could? What if he had Lincoln’s talent for detail and description? How would the War have been different? I stand in awe at Lincoln’s ability for the written word, and I consider myself fortunate to have read such beautiful language today.


2 responses to “Lincoln the writer

  1. I agree with you about Lincoln. His simple but eloquent choice of words provided a healing balm for the horrors of the time that people were able to accept even after his death. Instead of weakening with time, his words still reach out to comfort people in the United States during times of crisis. Lincoln gave back hope to the people.

  2. Kelli Archuleta

    I read this and remember the time at Gettysburg last year and the book we read in preparation for last year’s trip. This commentary brings continued meaning as so many of today’s speeches harken tothe message of Lincoln. How will the current Supreme court nomination process allow a resurgence of Lincoln’s words?

    Have a fun trip! I’m certainly missing not being there!

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