Gino’s East.

On Sunday night, everyone should be going to get Chicago deep Dish Pizza at Gino’s East.  As I’ve just spent an enormous amount of time booking the restaurant in Madison for 34 people, let’s just go in groups of 3 or 4 around 6PM.  Seriously, one pizza can feed 3 or 4 people there easily.  They are that deep.

Here’s a little bit about the pizza from their web site:

The Gino’s East story began in 1966 when two taxi drivers and a friend, frustrated with rush hour traffic, decided to open a pizzeria just off Michigan Ave. and Superior St. in Chicago. The Original Gino’s East became an instant legend with local Chicagoans, national celebrities and visitors from around the world.

Our famous deep-dish pizza tastes the same as it did back then. Each pizza is made by hand and features its own unique look. Each legendary pizza is created with a secret, golden crust, fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, and loaded with your choice of fresh ingredients. Once baked to perfection these enormous pies are brought to your table in our well-seasoned pans.

Below is the Google Map for Gino’s East:

It is maybe a mile up Michigan Avenue from the Art Institute, but that mile is filled with souvenir shops and other interesting sites so I encourage you to walk it.  Besides, you’ll need the exercise after you finish your pizza.


5 responses to “Gino’s East.

  1. Hello, old buddies!!! Someone have a big ‘ol piece of pizza for me. It already looks like a fascinating trip, and I am so sorry that I’m not with all of you. Have a wonderful, safe trip and know that the “old timers” are following your journey!

  2. Brian Repola

    To all of you, I want to wish you all the best on your trip. I have already read several blogs and loved every word. It looks as if the good Doctors and Scott have set you up for a very eventful and educational time, I just want to know why they wait until I don’t come to get you guys nice hotel rooms with big comfy beds!!!!!! What’s that all about. Seriously have a great time but a safe one, I’ll keep reading your blogs. One last question I know its not on the syllabus but when are you guys going to a Cubs game don’t tell me after the past two years your not going to Wrigley Field to see the Cubbies. Take care all Brian

  3. Darlene Derbigny

    I like good pizza. I am sure it will be fun, especially since I cannot get good pizza in La Junta. So bring on the garlic and red peppers.

  4. mattharris1

    Hello Brian & Marie,

    Great to hear from you! And we are having a grand old time. Chicago is a fabulous city with lots to do and see. Take care,


  5. mattharris1

    I’m not a big deep dish guy, but I thought the pizza was very good. I especially liked the ambiance. It made me feel like I was back in New York at the Harley Davidson BBQ Pit where writing on the wall was permissable (and encouraged).

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