Stray thoughts.

1.  The detailed version of the schedule is almost complete missing only half a day).  As the online version is more complete than the one Scott handed out the other day, you may wish to consult it again on this very blog.

2.  The Chicago Blues Festival will be going on next weekend on four stages just a few blocks from your dorm room.  It is completely free, and you will have time to attend Saturday night.  You can find details about the festival here.

3.  We have made one of our periodic arbitrary decisions that rather than e-mail us about your lesson plan topics, you should describe them a blog post for everyone to see and comment upon.

4.  Coming soon…My post about the Art Institute of Chicago.


2 responses to “Stray thoughts.

  1. Schedule looks great. By the way, do we check or uncheck the default article settings to turn off the comment moderator?

  2. Jonathan Rees

    Uncheck it.

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