Daily Archives: January 29, 2009

The first Chicago trip post!

Greetings, oh future Chicago travelers!  I promised yesterday at our meeting to post instructions on blogging and on how to make your blog look all nice and pretty.  Well, I figured why reinvent the wheel since I did this last year.  Therefore, if you look to the right of this post on your screen, you can see the links to those posts up on the del.icio.us section of our class blog.  Click part one first, then part two, then part three.  If this isn’t enough for you, remember that WordPress also has instructions, but the most important thing you’ll need to do before I see you in April is just hit “Add New” under Posts on the menu to the left of the dashboard.  Then cut and paste your assignments.

And that reminds me, blogging veterans will quickly realize that WordPress has changed the structure of their dashboards since last year.  Just look at it closely at first, and you’ll pick it up quickly.  Really.

And come to think of it, at least three of you newbies have yet to send me the web address of your blogs.  Please do so ASAP before I have to come looking for you.