Post-departure bureaucracy.

Just a reminder: I’d like to see a wrap-up post on your blog in the next few days. Also, those of you who haven’t hit the required twelve posts have some additional reflecting to do. The blogging really has been great this year. I look forward to reading all those new posts soon!

When your (mostly self-contained) lesson plan is done, e-mail the electronic version to me and Matt simultaneously. Also print off a paper version and send it snail mail to Matt at:

Colorado State University – Pueblo

2200 Bonforte Blvd.

Pueblo, CO 81001

See y’all back in Pueblo some time!


One response to “Post-departure bureaucracy.

  1. Jonathan:
    I don’t teach the Civil War right now because the curriculum that I teach dates right up to the 1840s. I’m sure I will at some point in my career, but it was just some insight into what I was or was not teaching at the present. My final blog will be up this week. Thanks!

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