Lesson Plan Topics (Philly Edition) [Updated x2].

This list will be updated as the come in via e-mail or in the comments below:

Becky Valencia – Quakers and Amish

Ryan Boyd – Historical Art Works

Dana Ferguson – Franklin’s Occupations

Brett Bridgeman – Franklin’s Experiments

Crystal Campbell: Amish v. Menonites

Lauren Gonzales: Washington’s Crossing and the Battle of Trenton

Connie Prewitt: Joseph Plumb Martin

Denyse Kunz: Colonial and Revolutionary Era Children

Dave Buckallew: Valley Forge

Staci Rodosevich: Gettysburg

Chris Jones: Bill of Rights

Elizabeth Aragon-Blanton: Women of the Revolutionary Era

Kelsey Moore: The Geography of Philadelphia

John Hutchins: Benjamin Franklin and the Post Office

Kelli Archuletta: Franklin as Enlightenment Philosopher

Donna Batt: Fugitive Slave Act

Wendy Shipley: Gender in Colonial/Revolutionary America

Marie Schwager:  Basic Constitutional Principles


15 responses to “Lesson Plan Topics (Philly Edition) [Updated x2].

  1. history591three

    Prof. Rees – if no one has the Bill of Rights I would like to.
    -Chris Jones

  2. emailed you to let you know that I want the Constitution – Marie

  3. history591twenty3

    I would like do my lesson plan on caricatures/political cartoons of this time period.
    Dolores Ballejo

  4. darlenederbigny

    I want to do my lesson plan on what it was really like to be an enslaved African during colonial times. Darlene

  5. history591seven


    Hey Matt,

    We didn’t get a chance to talk today, but I’m thinking I would like to do a lesson on the men who wrote the Constitution.

  6. Dolores: To which time period are you referring? Political cartoons are excellent.

    The Bill of Rights is great, Chris. [You might focus more on the 1st amendment since that’s the most debated one today.]

    Darlene, this is an great idea, but I’m afraid your sources might be limited. What did you have in mind? If you focused on the Middle Passage you could use Equiano and others. Just a thought.

    To the anonymous writer at 3:23AM, what is your focus on the “men who wrote the Constitution”? You will need to narrow it down just a bit, otherwise it sounds good.

  7. elizabetharagonblanton1

    Professor Harris,
    I am still very interested in doing real women of the Revolution. I also found a unique book about some of these women yesterday. My focus would be Debra Sampson, Sybil Ludington, Margaret Corbin, Mercy Otis Warren etc. Is that ok?

  8. kelseymoore

    I plan to do Philadelphia during Coloniel times. This will include map identification, building construction and topography construction, along with a timeline.

  9. kelseymoore

    I plan to do Philadelphia during Coloniel times. This will include map identification, building construction and topography construction, along with a timeline.

  10. history591twenty9

    Jonathan & Matt,

    I plan on doing my lesson on Benjamin Franklin focusing on his role in the Post Office.

    John Hutchins aka King Hutch aka Smeagle

  11. history591twenty1

    Hello Matt,

    I would like to do the economics of the Colonial Period.


  12. history591twenty1

    Sorry Matt,

    I meant economics and early United States.


  13. Jonathan Rees


    More specificity will be needed here.

  14. history591four

    I’d like to do a Soldier’s life during the Revolutionary War, using Joseph Plumb Martin but also other first person accounts.


  15. history591four

    I’d like to tweak my topic a little… still do the soldier’s life, but also other accounts using the Valley Forge winter as a focus. I’d like to get the soldier’s perspectives, but also include things such as weather, how spying played into the winter, food acquisition, and what was going on in Philadelphia. I’m still playing with my idea, but would like to get the kids involved in as many perspectives as possible. This is why I decided it would be better to narrow this to the Valley Forge winter. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


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