Rules to Find out a Fit Measure of Meat and Drink

If thou eatest so much as makes thee unfit for Study, or other Business, thou exceedest the due Measure.

If thou are dull and heavy after Meat, it’s a sign that thou hast exceedest due Measure; for Meat and Drink ought to refresh the Body, and make it cheerful, and not to dull and oppress it.

If thou findest these ill Symptoms, consider whether too much Meat, or too much Drink occasions it, or both, and abate by little and little, till thou findest the Inconveniency removed.

– Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard for 1742) in Benjamin Franklin on the Art of Eating, (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society Press, 2006), 44.

See, I can do colonial blogging!


4 responses to “Rules to Find out a Fit Measure of Meat and Drink

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  2. elizabetharagonblanton1

    Dr. Rees,
    I like the quote! I was thinking the exact same thing as I sitting here eating some Amish made candy. Liz

  3. history591twenty1


    To relieve a headache a buckwheat cake place on the head will remove the pain.

    Homesickness can be avoided by sewing salt and crumbs of bread into the petticoat of the female or in the seam of the suit coat of the male.

    If you would thrive, Be up by five;
    For there is health, and certain wealth
    When at the plough, Or milking a cow.
    –Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore


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