Still don’t get blogging? Try reading these.

After my speech this morning, I figured you might want to see more of what I think a useful blog post looks like. Try this one, this one and this one. It is also always an excellent idea to take advice from King Hutch.


2 responses to “Still don’t get blogging? Try reading these.

  1. kelseymoore

    I went back into my blogs and answered your question. Thanks for the clarification.

  2. Jonathan:

    I think it is very possible to teach morals without mentioning religious doctrine. I can’t do that otherwise I would be fired. There is a certain amount of religious material that I must mention in order to help my students understand the difference in culture from ours, considering theirs runs basically off of religion, but at the same time focusing on their simplicity of life, their basics of education, and even their clothing styles. If I’m to teach them about a religion I must make sure that I don’t preach my own beliefs. In this case, it’s not a big issue.

    I changed the “Eakins” blog for you…but I might add that you spell “the” in this way, not “teh”. Ha ha.

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