“Breaking Home Ties”

If you would like to see my favorite painting from the American Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, click here.  There is even a short audio of a curator deconstructing the painting.  Since our guide told us that the painting was on display at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893, I really can’t think of a better resource for explaining late-Nineteenth Century rural-urban migration.


5 responses to ““Breaking Home Ties”

  1. howardmestas

    It was my favorite too. Kind of sad really, but that’s life. When I first saw it, I thought the kid was being drafted and going off to some war.

  2. darlenederbigny

    I am glad you got your copy of your favorite painting. Mine had a section cut off.

  3. sheilasloan

    This scene is a microcosm of the shift taking place from rural to urban/ agrarian to industrial. Because the artist was Irish I had originally thought this might be a picture of the son leaving his home in Ireland for the United States. His mother looks like she is never going to get to see her son again.

  4. history591seven

    When I saw this painting it struck a chord with me, as I have 1 son who will be leaving for the military this fall and 2 more who will be leaving home shortly. I can relate with this mother. I felt like she might giving him one more piece of advice before he goes off on his own. Sherri

  5. stacirodosevich

    When I saw the painting, I saw the connection between the dog and the boy. I felt as though they had been the best of friends while the boy was growing up, and now, they are parting ways. Sometimes even the four-legged creatures have a sense of loss.

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