How many slices did you eat?

This is from a New York Times review of Conte’s (our pizza in Princeton), which I read on the wall there:

THERE is no pineapple on the pizza at Conte’s. Nor is there chicken, ham or pesto. But a trip to this neighborhood pizza place isn’t about fusion food or trends.

It’s about tradition — and thin, savory crust that might bubble up into a burned spot on the rim, crust that inspires cravings, crust that holds its shape beneath a cloak of spicy pepperoni and floppy strips of sweet roasted red peppers….

”I was always taught and told not to fix anything if it’s not broken,” says Ciro Baldino, who took over the restaurant with his brother Anthony when their uncle retired in 1982; they were joined by Anthony’s wife, Angela, in 2004. ”There’s only so much wine you can drink with pizza, and I think Chianti goes great.”

As for the notion of chicken as a pizza topper, Mr. Baldino’s reaction is a snort audible over the telephone. ”You don’t put chicken on pizza,” he said. ”People do. But I don’t. It’s like putting ice in cognac.”

The extra is still in our fridge if you’re interested.

PS Thank you Ryan for the picture.


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