Worst. Transit System. Ever.

This is from a blog I read regularly which, by coincidence, happens to be written by a guy who lives in Philadelphia:

SEPTA, the local transit authority, isn’t exactly known for its innovations in customer service….

One of the worst things about SEPTA is that it’s really hard to buy a ticket/token. They got rid of all the regional rail ticket machines after they didn’t work with the new money. Many stations don’t have a ticket sales window, and certainly not at all hours, and they added a surcharge for those paying on the train. Subway workers won’t actually sell you a token and not all stations have token machines.

All of this isn’t so bad for regular riders who can figure out how to navigate the idiosyncrasies and who either buy a pass or know to keep a token stash on hand, but for potential occasional riders, the type who cruise into the city on weekends, they’re a big barrier.

By the way, ask Scott about his “special” token.


5 responses to “Worst. Transit System. Ever.

  1. ryanboyd20

    Not to mention the resignating smell of urine. Geez, after they paint the walls, do they make them shine with urine specimens?

  2. darlenederbigny

    maybe septa needs to get some hints from nyc or bart of san francisco. the good thing about septa is that it is small and fairly clean compared to nyc. actually, i wish colorado had more public transportation because we can certainly use it.

  3. history591twenty7

    Yeah, but at least Scott can do a load of laundry now! 🙂

  4. paulzschokke

    Let me tell you a story ’bout a man named Charlie…
    Did he ever return, no, he never returned..

    Jonathan, SEPTA has achieved what I thought was imposible- I am actually proud of the Boston subway system!

  5. history591four

    I just discovered a window over at the grocery store for buying tokens for SEPTA. The problem is it was closed when I was there so this may or may not be helpful information.


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