Monthly Archives: April 2008

Restaurant recommendation.

The web site for Abner’s Cheesesteaks at 38th and Chestnut in beautiful West Philly is here.  Be sure to stay for the introductory video.


The Corliss Engine.

Matt doesn’t like me to talk about anything after 1787. Therefore, I’m posting a picture of the Corliss Engine, the centerpiece of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia:

Corliss Engine

Introduction to Blogging, Part III.

The hardest thing to do on a blog is post pictures. Many teacher/bloggers who tried it last year somehow found doing slideshows easier, and if you want to keep doing that that’s fine (but don’t ask me how to do it because I don’t know). However, here’s the picture-posting instructions for anybody who wants to upload a few to stand alone by themselves.

You can post pictures that you download from your camera to your laptop, or just take pictures from the Internet and post them from your laptop too. Below the box where you write is another box with the word “Upload” in the top left-hand corner. In there, press the “Browse” button and click on your picture. [I title each picture, but don’t bother w/ description.] Then hit the upload button. Under Show, move the dot to “Full size” and then hit “Send to editor” below that.

Since you hit “Full Size,” the resulting picture is probably huge. To shrink it, click on the image that just appeared where the cursor was in your blog post. Then click one of the little boxes in the corner of the highlighted picture. As you drag the corners towards the middle, the picture will shrink. To center the pictur, treat it like text. Just highlight it and click the align center key in your box above.

The result should look something like this:


Two more things about pictures while I’m thinking of them.  First, uploading to Flickr is a whole different animal.  I hope you’ll do that with all your best pictures so that other teachers might be able to use them in class.  Instructions for that are here.

Second, if these instructions don’t work for you, you might try starting a free account at Photobucket. I’ve had some success with it.  If you use these instructions, WordPress hosts your photos.  Use Photobucket and they’ll be hosted there (but readers won’t be able to tell the difference).  To post from Photobucket, simply embed the code for the picture they host there in the Code section of your post here.