The key to Flickr.

If you can’t follow the instructions in Brian’s e-mail, try these.

1. First go to the site:

2. Sign in with a Yahoo ID. [Go to and register if you don’t have one].

3. Download photos from your camera to your computer. Move those photos to an easy place to find them, like your desktop.

4. Hit the upload button on your Flickr site and upload them to your account.

5. Here’s what I’ve been missing all these past few days: Once they are in your account, click on a photo. The press the tiny button in small gray print that says “Send to Group” immediately over the picture. Unless you are a Flickr maniac you only have one group, “Trip to Boston.” Click there and you’re done.

Once the photos are posted, anyone in the group can use them.  If we all post our best photos, this can become quite a resource.

Thanks Brian for setting this up.


2 responses to “The key to Flickr.

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  2. history591seven

    Hey Jonothan,

    Thanks for the simplifyed version of flicker. I’ll give that a try this evening. Sherri

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