I thought I posted this on the blog earlier.

Go here:


to see the Drake article to read for Friday night. If you have time, try again to join the Flickr even if you can’t upload photos yet. We’ll go over the process at the meeting.


2 responses to “I thought I posted this on the blog earlier.

  1. history591twenty7

    I like what you said about the story of the common people. I would imagine that they have some of the most interesting stories, we just don’t hear about them. I purchased the Liberty Tree book today, I hope it is a good read. I enjoyed the part you read yesterday about the women jumping out the window.


  2. history591twelve

    I agree that we tend to overlook the “ordinary” participants of the Revolution. Even in the study of the Civil War we will make references to “Billy Yank” and “Johnny Reb” and explore the brother v brother experience, yet we do not look at that aspect of the Revolution. One family member Patriot and another Loyalist – it is always us v them. It has been an excellent trip.

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