The Road Not Taken

Yesterday afternoon Nancy Oswald and I took a long walk along the beautiful [something] River.  I enjoyed learning about her family, school, and community.  Most of all, I enjoyed learning about the books she’s written.  Yes, books!  We have an accomplished children’s author among us!  Buy her stuff!  Okay, I digress.  The walk was very beautiful.  I enjoyed seeing the full, lush trees, as well as the sites and sounds of the foliage.  On the way back we took a fork in the road, which led us to an off-beaten path.  Frost would have been proud.  Rather than finding the trail again, we trekked through a Salem neighborhood, which was very beautiful.  The yards and landcapes were neatly kept, and the homes seemed to be in pristine condition.  It would be too much to say we planned it this way — in fact we got lost! — but we enjoyed taking an alternative route.  Instead of returning at 5:30 like I had planned, we got back at 6:00.  The hike was great — I recommend.
Well, I’d better get ready for our trip to Maine today.  I’ll writer later…


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