“White Indians”

Hi, all.  I hope you enjoyed today’s events.  Kevin was pretty good, huh?  I found his droll wit kind of amusing.  I really enjoyed his discussion of the Deerfield raid.  Hey, speaking of the raid, if you’re interested I’d recommend John Demos’ wonderful little book called Unredeemed Captive.  It’s the story of Eunice Williams, who became a “white Indian.”  This is a term scholars use to describe Euros who adopted Indian culture, which is what Eunice Williams did.  Demos tells this story well — and best of all it works well in class.  Students seem to dig it, at least from my experience.  Well, I’m going to sign off now and  slog my way through Kevin’s book on the raid.  One of my favorite things to do is read books about the sites I visit.  I guess this is the historian in me.   Cheers, everyone.



One response to ““White Indians”

  1. history591twenty4

    Matt, I was looking way back and noticed this book in your blog, “Unredeemed Captive”. Can I barrow that for my “Slaves and Captives lesson planning? Also a remainder if can get the movie Ester from Dr. Tad Baker via the grant ?
    Curt Lukassen, Cotopaxi Schools

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