Monthly Archives: May 2007

Introduction to Blogging

Welcome to the central blog for the course History 591, also known as our trip to Boston. Each student will also have their own individual blog. A list of all those blogs and their URLs will be available on our Blackboard site. The blogs are acessible both through Blackboard and through the regular World Wide Web. In other words, once the blog is set up you will not have to go through Blackboard in order to post.

When we collected your names and e-mails during the colloquium in April, we forwarded that information to our blog expert Geri Koncilja. She created an account for you on WordPress, which is the name of the free blogging software we are using. As I wrote in the e-mail that brought you here, you need to look for your access information in an e-mail from WordPress. If you don’t see it in your inbox now, check your Spam filter.

Once you have a blog address and password, point your browser to the URL in the e-mail. Then click “login” and use that information to gain access to your blog.  Once you have access to your blog, click the button labeled “Write a Post” in the middle of your screen. Be sure to include a title in the field immediately above. Many of the tricks needed to change the format of the text are self-explanatory. We will go over them and all other blog-related questions in a special session early in the trip.In the meantime, feel free to experiment with your blog. If you don’t like a post, you can always delete it later.

To leave a comment on anyone’s blog, click the comment field at the bottom of the post.